CGI Product Photography is finally available in Sydney

With the help of CGI technology, we can give the whole product a complete realistic viewpoint before the finishing model is made.

CGI Photography in Sydney

With a friction cost of high-end traditional product photography, your product images will look breathtaking! 

Early Release, Seize the Market & Sell More​


This is perfect time to commission CGI photography when you want to create a campaign but the product has yet to be made. 


Marketing Ready Images

Realistic looking CGI Photography has no longer only belongs to high budget production. We can make it happen for your business.

3d model, CGI, gray, gray background, mockup, tea box 3D Modeling
3d model, green tea, mockup, tea box, warm color set CGI Render

3D Modeling & Advanced Image Retouching​


Converting your physical products into 3D digital asset through CGI.  Your business and products will stand the best look as they could.

Surreal CGI
Cosmetics Imagery


Want to make your products grab more attentions but not break the bank? CGI photography is your best solution.

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Image Production

You product will be photographed and the images will go through our professional editing and retouching stage.


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Wenbo Zhao B&W Headshot Photo

Invest in Your Brand, Get More Sales

Every project is unique in terms of specification and need, each project is CUSTOMIZED. Our price is made of creative and usage fee, based on the type of project. Please let us know what can we help.